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A loan is money, property or other material goods that is given to another party in exchange for future repayment of the loan value amount along with interest or other finance charges.

Home loan refers to a sum of money acquired from a financial institution to purchase a property such as home. Home loans also referred to as mortgage loan carry a fixed or variable rate of interest depending on the type the borrowers choose along with payment terms. The borrowers can choose from a wide range of home loans available.

Balance transfer refers to the transfer of the outstanding loan amount from one bank account to another bank account at a reduced rate of interest. The main aim is to decrease the overall burden of the debt. This facility is available for all types of credit facility such as education loan, personal loan, auto loan, home loan etc.

Loan against property refers to the loan given to the borrower by providing a guarantee against the mortgage of property. This fund helps you to meet various personal and business requirements such as higher education, marriage expenses, purchase of machinery, business expansions, the closing of high costs loans and many more.

Business loans is a kind of loan availed to meet the urgent needs and requirements for the business. Generally, business loans are availed to buy machinery, expand the existing business, boost production and many more. A business loan is a type of debt which the company promises to pay back after a certain time period.

Car loan also referred to as Auto loan is a sum of money that allows the borrower to purchase a car by making monthly payments instead of making full payment. These loans are secured by the value of the car that is being purchased. These loans also include a wide range of fees and taxes that are added to the total amount of loan.

Education loan is a type of funding where the loan is availed to meet the educational commitments of the borrowers such as financing education or school and university-related expenses. These types of loans are available at a low rate of interest and help the students to achieve higher education in top schools and universities.

Gold loan also referred to as loan against gold is a kind of secured loan which is given against the collateral of gold ornaments. This loan is provided by many private banks, nationalized and other financial corporation at attractive rates of interest. The loan amount is given as per the market value of the collateral security.

A personal loan is a kind of unsecured loan that is taken by the individuals to meet their personal needs. Usually, no collateral or security is required to avail personal loan and you are free to use the funds as per your requirement. The interest rates on such loans are higher as compared to other loans.

Doctor loan is a type of funding that helps you to fund both the living cost and the course fees for the entire duration of the study. This type of loan involves a certain rate of interest from the first day of funding. If you are a disabled person, you can avail for extra benefit.

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