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Insurance is a means of protection from financial loss. It is a form of risk management, primarily used to hedge against the risk of a contingent or uncertain loss. Type of Insurances are: Health, Car/Two Wheeler, Travel, Life/Term, Child Plan etc

Health insurance is an insurance policy that provides coverage of medical and surgical costs of an insured individual. This insurance coverage protects you from incurring the full expenses of the medical services in case of illness or injury. You need to choose a plan and agree to pay a certain amount each month and in return, the insurer makes the payment to the provider

Car/Two wheeler insurance is done to provide financial protection for your vehicle against bodily injury, or physical damage. It also covers protection against theft, any damage caused other than traffic collisions and any subsequent liabilities. Car/Two wheeler insurance offers confidence to the owners to drive peacefully. In some cases, it acts as a boon for the insurance holder.

Travel insurance is a type of insurance coverage that covers all the losses and costs such as medical expenses, lost luggage, trip cancellation, flight accidents and much more incurred while traveling. It is a very useful protection plan who travels domestically or abroad. The insurance can be availed at the time of booking of a trip or a multi-trip policy can be opted that involves insurance against an unlimited number of trips.

Term insurance is the oldest and simplest form of assurance that provides coverage for a limited period of time for the sum assured. If the life assured survive at the expiry of the policy then the coverage will be ceased and nothing will be payable. It provides a death benefit on a coverage amount over a fixed period.

Child plan is a combination of insurance and investment plan that provides protection and ensures the life of your child. This plan serves two purposes such as financial security for your child’s future and finance requirement for your child’s education. It also provides protection against the unexpected or sudden costs of a child’s death.

Retirement solution are insurance products that are specially designed to provide financial security and income after retirement. One can also buy purchasing annuity plans to opt for monthly pension benefits. These solutions help you to save your earning over the years and create a fund that can be withdrawn as parts or whole during the retirement years.

Guaranteed return plan are those plans that ensure a minimum amount to the insured person after the tenure of the life insurance policy. Some guaranteed return plans are the public provident fund, post office monthly income scheme and employee’s provident fund. The amount of guaranteed return on these plans is decided by the insurance company.

Home insurance is an insurance coverage for the homeowners against the losses and damage to their property and belongings. It is a type of property insurance that also includes liability protection of the private residences in the case if someone gets injured are meets with an accident on the homeowner’s property.

Marine insurance is an insurance policy that provides coverage against the loss or damage of ships, terminals, loss of in-transit cargo or damage over air, land, and waterways. This type of insurance policy is considered as a retreat for the transporters and shipping company because it provides financial protection against the loss of cargo.

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