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Investment write for us is looking for write-ups for the website from the people who are interested in sharing insights of the financial world with our customers and other interested readers. We also give detailed information of the bloggers such as the name, URL link, qualification etc. who write for us depending on the regularity of the blogs and articles posted. Anyone who is interested in personal finance write for us can post their content to us.

We except quality contents and finance blog write for us from the writers who wish to share their experiences and knowledge regarding the financial world. In order to maintain the continuity and keep the readers informed, we try to post 5-10 blogs/articles per week. All the contents and blogs are welcomed by the blogger and content writer who are very eager to show their interest and experience in the financial world. The contents and blogs posted on our website provide a clear understanding and keep the customers and readers aware of the financial world. The write for us finance blogs highlights each and every information of the financial world like what to do and what not to do in order to save yourself from being cheated.

Investors, business owners, financiers, and any other people who were very conscious about their investment and have experienced success while investing their personal savings in mutual funds or any other schemes and wish to share their experiences with our customers and readers are welcomed to post their content or blog. Their experiences and knowledge regarding the finance field will help our readers gain sufficient knowledge and information about the financial world. The bloggers and article writers can show their interest by providing the best quality and fully informative write for us mutual funds contents and blogs for our customers and readers.

Our write for us finance blogs and articles comes with the planning and execution of the writers. It totally depends on how well they are designed and posted by the writers. Initially, we try to post on an average of 1-2 quality articles or blogs per week provided by the new writers. We will be very happy to be in touch with those people who are willing to submit guest post + finance blog and are interested to provide their writing for a longer time. You can keep posting your content till the time you want. If you are not able to provide write-ups after a month then you are kindly requested to submit your decision through write-ups by applying to us. We also ensure that the writers will not be forced to work or post their write-ups if they do not wish.

All the writers and bloggers are free to share their views, experiences, and information regarding the financial world by posting quality posts, figures, tables, images or videos. These decorative posts will create a greater impact on the readers and will make them aware of the consequences you are trying to induce into them through your posts. The posts will help our customers and readers to use their personal finance in a safe place and be aware of the consequences involved in it. By sharing views and information regarding the financial world in investment write for us, the writers and bloggers will be able to provide up-to-date information to the readers.

Those interested or is willing to submit guest post + finance blogs can send an email to us:- writeforus@udtapaisa.com. Your post will not only make the readers happy but will also make them aware of the financial world. Your write-ups will also benefit us by taking our website to a higher level.

Guest Post Guidelines for Write for Us:-

Here are some guidelines you need to keep in mind before posting your content and blog to us. By following the below-mentioned guidelines, you will be able to post quality contents and blogs as per our requirements.

  • Length of the article – Our finance club is looking for blogs/articles with minimum 1200 word count. We believe in complete satisfaction of the readers where they will be provided with all the information relating to the topics. You need to provide good quality content and the word count should meet the guidelines provided to you. Make sure you are completely satisfied with what you have written in your blog before posting it to us.
  • Topic of the article – As we are completely focusing on the financial world, so the content and the topic of the article/blog should relate to finance where ways of investing, types of investment opportunities, benefits of investment, risk involved while investing, where to invest and where not to invest, return provided etc. needs to be highlighted. The contents should be fully informative and should benefit the readers. Contents that do not relate the topic or do not provide full information are rejected.
  • Try to make our readers comfortable – Always make sure that the readers should show interest while reading the posts. And for this reason, you need to decorate your post with heading and subheadings so that you are able to create and maintain a healthy relationship with the readers. You can also make your content attractive by keeping the keyword in bold along with tables, images, and videos as and where required.
  • Do not use irrelevant links – You are not allowed to add any irrelevant links to the topics. With relevance to your keyword, you can insert one link.
  • Screenshots and videos – You are free to decorate your content by using images, screenshots, and videos to maintain the standard. These decoration factors will attract the customers and reader towards reading your blogs/articles.
  • Copyright – The writer/bloggers are requested not to copy paste the contents or topic from any other website or blogs. Check by copyscape tool. We are very strict with this guideline. If found doing the same, their post will be rejected.
  • No affiliate link – Restriction imposed on any affiliate links posted by the guest into our finance website.
  • Finance write-ups Note1 – The topics and contents relating to finance and investment will be published on the Finance Article Tab.
  • Finance write-ups Note2 – Those interested in creating their own portfolio can post their informative articles on our website. They do not need to make any kind of investment as this service is available for free without any back-links. Topics or articles that include back-links are chargeable where you need to pay some amount as per the post. For the guest blog, we provide 20+ domains.

For further information, you can send us a mail at the given email id – writeforus@udtapaisa.com