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Mutual funds have been the most secure place for investing the money with complete security and earning a good interest rate simultaneously. These investment programmes are funded by the share holders. Investors can choose a scheme as per their financial stability and then invest for the long or short term benefits.

Recommended mutual funds in 2019 Some of the best mutual funds in 2019, comparing the return for ₹10,00,000 invested 5 years back 2019 are –

1. Some of the best mutual funds in 2019, comparing the return for ₹10,00,000 invested 5 years back 2019 are –

2. Axis Long Term Equity Growth – It is a tax-saving fund scheme managed by Jinesh Gopani. These funds seek for regular long term capital growth from a diversified portfolio of equity and equity related instruments Return in 5 years- 23.61%

3. Principal Hybrid Equity Fund-Growth – This balanced equity fund scheme aims at generating long term capital appreciation and current income by investing in equity and equity related securities and also in fixed income securities. It is been managed by P.V.K Mohan and Bekxy Kuriakose. Return in 5 years- 18.20%

4. SBI Small Cap Fund Regular Plan Growth – It is an equity fund scheme that provides investment benefits through liquidity of open-ended schemes by investing in equity stocks. Return in 5 years- 33.42%

5.Aditya Birla Sun Life Tax Relief 96 Growth – The fund manager of this scheme brings to the investors the open-ended equity linked savings scheme. The targetted allocation is 80% equity, 20% debt and market securities. Return in 5 years- 22.81%

6.HDFC Small Cap Fund Growth – The scheme is managed by Rakesh Vyas and it aims at providing long term capital income by investing predominantly in small cap companies. Return in 5 years- 23.15%

7. Invesco India Tax Plan Grwoth – This scheme is ranked 1 in ELSS category by Crisil. The scheme intends to invest across market capitalisation sectors. Return in 5 years- 21.78%

8. Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip Growth – This fund has been marked to be the best large cap growth, managed by Neelesh Surana. The aim is to generate income by investing in Indian equities and equity related securities of large and mid cap companies. Optimal portfolio construction is achieved by investing in other India equities. Return in 5 years- 31.75%

9. Canara Robeco Emerging Equities Growth – This scheme seeks to generate the promised capital appreciation by investing in diversified portfolios of large and mid cap stocks. Annualised return of 5 years- 32.03%

10. Principal Tax Savings- Regular Plan- Growth – Although this tax saving fund has no market cap- bias, it is currently titled towards the large-caps. These have the flexibility to invest in firms with lower market- caps even. Return in 5 years of time- 21.06%

The above listed are the schemes to invest as per your requirements. Udta Paisa brings to you many such schemes related to mutual funds and debts for a better investment view. You can check our website to know more about the best funds you are looking for and then invest with complete knowledge.