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With New Year’s dawn, many individuals target to plan some investment into Mutual Fund schemes. Year 2019 is no different, where the investors seek for advices from the experts on best Mutual Fund plans. The market had already reported with negative signs and falls in the last few months relatively with stocks and mutual funds. But we cannot forecast on when the market bounces back. That’s how, the people who invested into SIP through mutual fund schemes were mostly benefited during market falls. Many mutual fund advisors suggest to choose a scheme based on ones investment goal, horizon and risk profile. So if you are looking for short term investment goal you have option of debt mutual fund scheme which can relatively match your horizon and risk profile. Its best to invest into equity schemes for long term goals.

There are further more investment schemes to attract new investors which provide tax saving facilities known as ELSS fund or tax saving Mutual fund scheme. It helps investors to save taxes up to 1.5 Lakh under Section 80C of Income Tax Act. Some investors believe to start with aggressive hybrid schemes with a mix of equity at least 65% and debt. These schemes are less volatile during bad market phase as the debt part helps to cushion the negative impact. The most least volatile equity schemes are the Large cap schemes as per the experts because they invest 80% of the corpus in top 100 stock by market capitalization, helping investor to grow their investment with least volatility.

Depending on equity, debts and hybrid we can have a glance over some of new schemes to be launched in 2019.

1. Reliance Large Cap Fund – Direct Growth with large cap scheme having equity growth of 15.34% in 3 years and 18.88% in 5 years. It have expense ratio up to 1.2% and 85% turnover ratio and moderately high in risk.

2. ICICI Prudential Technology Fund – Direct Growth is a Sectoral or Thematic equity plan with high risk and 16% turnover ratio. The estimated growth value in first year is 14.17%, 13.5% in third year and 14.01% on fifth year having expense ratio of 1.67%.

3. Axis Midcap Fund – Direct Growth is a midcap equity scheme with moderately high risk. It estimates growth of 13.95% in 3 years and 22.79% in 5 years having expense ratio of 1.0% and turnover ratio of 81%.

4. HDFC Small Cap Fund – Direct Growth is a small cap equity plan with moderately high risk. It projects estimated growth of 19.37% in 3 years and 21.79% in 5 years with turnover ratio of 17.96% and least expense ratio of 0.71%.

5. Mirae Asset India Equity Fund – Direct Growth plan is moderately high in risk, multi cap equity scheme shows growth of 16.58% in third year and 20.31% in fifth year. It has min expense ratio of 0.79%, also 55% of turnover ratio.

There are few more on the list below with Debt schemes,

a. ICICI Prudential Liquid Fund – Direct Growth with low risk

b. Franklin India Ultra Short Bond Fund – Direct growth scheme with moderate risk

c. L&T Money Market Fund Direct Growth is a money market debt plan with moderate risk.