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Remittances are essential in the financial condition of every country. Most foreign workers and businesses send their money through remittance providers such as AquireFX, whether it is a payment to their affiliate or monthly allowance for their loved ones abroad. It is best to learn how remittance providers work for someone who may need to remit something anytime soon.


Remittance Defined


The transfer of money from a person or entity’s account to another as payment for rendered service is known as a remittance. The money sent abroad has considerably increased throughout the years due to more entrepreneurs performing businesses to their global clients. Aside from that, economic migration has played its fair share of ramping up the remittance rates. With the continuous surge of individuals working overseas, they will also send more money back to their loved ones. It is a must to find the likes of AquireFX remittance provider for foreign workers to ensure that they successfully remit their earnings back to their families.


The Process


When someone from Dubai wants to send money to France, they have to put local cash into their bank account before anything else. His bank account has to have enough money or more than the amount he intends to send to his recipient in France. Generally, when the transaction involves a considerable sum of money, such as over a thousand dollars or higher, the bank has a retail exchange rate.


When you go through a remittance provider, they usually take only a few days to transfer. There are also other providers which may take 3-5 days, depending on the timing of the banks. The money is wired through wire networks to the receiver’s account. The networks serve as the courier between the two parties involved.


Before remitting the money, it is always wise to check on the currency exchange for that particular day or hour so you can take advantage or perhaps wait to get a reasonable rate. Furthermore, check your local bank if they can remit the money using the recipient’s local currency. When it is an exotic currency, this process is essential when you plan to do a remittance.


Fees Involved


The service charge of the banks varies, and some can be quite expensive for one transaction. The fees depend on the remittance amount and the currency that will be delivered. Hence, to maximise the actual amount you intend to send, always check with the bank for that particular currency’s current exchange rate. Their exchange rates vary too.


Remind the receiver of the funds to check with their local bank if you can withdraw the money on that same day it was sent. Some banks may take a while for the funds to be credited, even if the sender’s bank only took a day to process the transaction. Overseas banks have different arrangements, and so it may require a day or two for the funds to reach its destination. Some may even take weeks before the recipient can withdraw it.


When you plan to send cash to your loved ones, finding a remittance provider of high calibre like AquireFX is crucial to avoid any transaction issues. A trusted remittance centre will know the best way to deliver funds to any part of the world without delay.