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Travelling gives an amazing experience which helps in revitalizing and relaxing. Whereas traveling for work or education purposes gives an opportunity to discover new horizons. There are various other aspects to be taken into consideration besides flight and hotel bookings, in order to have a safe and successful trip. In a foreign country situations like ill health or an accident may lead to unexpected expenses consequently it may impact the finances. Henceforth to avoid such hindrances it is important to select the best travel insurance company in India, 2019 amongst the numerous options, for example, Bajaj Allianz travel insurance, Religare travel insurance, Apollo Munich Family travel insurance plan, Chola MS travel insurance plan are few of the best overseas travel insurance policy.

The various aspects to be taken into consideration before choosing amongst the various options in order to get the best overseas travel insurance policy. The policy should cover medical emergency care along with medical repatriation and evacuation, trip interruptions or cancellation, loss of baggage and personal items along with quick global assistance round the clock etc.

Following Are the 5 Best Travel Insurance for the Year 2019.

  1. Icici Single Round Trip Plan – ICICI is one amongst the top 10 best international travel insurance companies in India. It offers a reliable single trip plan that includes travel insurance coverage to people of various ages ranging from 3 months to 70 years. The wide-ranging travel preparation offered by ICICI provides coverage from financial as well as a medical crisis that is likely to occur while international trips. It also offers special and distinctive features like global cashless hospitalization.
  2. Max Bupa International Medical Emergency Plan – Max Bupa International medical emergency plan is a reliable solution for health and medical services while traveling overseas. The company includes all the various types of insurance policies that offer cover while traveling for business, leisure or studies. It ensures that all types of medical crisis are taken care of by the wide series of network hospitals. The insured person is provided with immediate and extended medical services round the clock during medical emergencies.
  3. Reliance Annual Multi-Trip Insurance Plan – Reliance annual multi-trip is a policy specifically designed to suit people who love to travel very often. One can opt for coverage for a phase of six months and can also extend the tenure if required. The policyholder will be insured during this period while traveling. The policy provides coverage from various risks generally faced by travelers for example loss of baggage, illness, accident etc. Customers can choose from varied insurance policies like single or annual multi-trip policies as per their requirements, either traveling to Asian or Schengen countries or any other regions. The insurance policies are issued right away without much fuss for instance regarding medical check-ups or documents. Additionally, cashless hospital facilities can be selected globally. Best Travel Insurance Company in India 2019  
  4. Future Generali Travel Suraksha Plan – The Future Generali is one of the most preferred amongst the consumers. The company provides valuable and helpful travel insurance policies for people who travel often either domestic or international trips. It provides insurance coverage to all age groups. The company has created a special identity in the insurance sector along with the best travel insurance India reviews. The policies are specially customized for traveling to particular geological regions including Asia and Europe.
  5. Apollo Munich Easy Travel Insurance – Apollo Munich is one of the best suitable travel insurance policies for travelers. The policy offers various risks related to travel for example help regarding medical treatment during some emergency circumstances while traveling. It also provides cover for trip cancellation, termination or postponements. The policy also helps with immediate support like instant cash from the insurer in cases of crisis. Hence is known as the best health insurance company in claim settlement.

A travel policy includes coverage in various shapes and sizes, some insurers offer only medical coverage, while there are other companies that provide customized solutions more or less around few particular risks. The list of the best overseas travel insurance policy above helps one to find the perfect policy to suit specific requirements while traveling overseas. The udtapaisa.com is a complete solution to all the dilemmas related to travel insurance and has a tie-up with above companies. So, if anyone wants best deals and offers regarding travel insurance can contact Udta Paisa for any assistance.